Zkteco MB460 Biometric Time Attendance Machine 38,500.00 Save:1,000.00(3%)

ZKTeco MB460 Features:

The ZKTeco MB460 Fingerprint Biometric Attendance Machine is a great access and attendance control solution for organizations. It is convenient and secure to use. It makes use a good optical system and efficient biometric technology to give excellent and efficient performance. It offers mind-blowing access and attendance control solution with great accuracy and security.


Design and Dimensions:

The ZKTeco MB460 Fingerprint Biometric System has a strong body made of good quality ABS plastic. It looks stylish and simple, and is available in black and silver color. This comes as a wall mountable design. It is designed utilizing fingerprint technology in combination with fast algorithms and high reliability. If you don’t need SSR the fingerprint capacity to be 1000, you can choose the one with a capacity of 500. It also comes with external bell.


Technical Features:

The ZKTeco MB460 Fingerprint Biometric System is highly reliable and is composed of control panel, 2.8 inch TFT screen and access control software. It comes with Fingerprint capacity of 500, card capacity of 500 and Transaction capacity of 80000. It makes use of the efficient ZKTeco Finger 10.0 Fingerprint algorithm. It has the Access Control which includes Exit button and Control lock. It is equipped with Standard ID card, Optional MF card, and 9 digit user ID Pin.


The ZKTeco MB460 Fingerprint Biometric Systemic ideal for access control and time and attendance applications in organizations with about 500 employees.

Any Other Features:

The ZKTeco MB460 Fingerprint Biometric System makes use of the fastest patented biometric matching algorithm. It is specially designed using the latest technologies to offer a good performance and durability. You can choose control lock or external bell at once. It comes with fast and accurate verification process, and is equipped with efficient software that is very powerful to handle different needs.

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